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At the peak of the Hi-Tech Age, maybe few know there are still Masters of the Trades scattered around the World, hidden in secret places, who keep honing their tools and forging their skills for those unsettling and wise adventurer who wish not to bend to the mass production which allows no space for their own peculiar flare.
In one of these secured nestle, in a street of the buzzy City of London, the luckiest of them can find Frank, the dexterous cobbler.

Belonging to the order of the "Vibram" Frank's abilities stand on the bright side of the Force in service in one of the kingdom fortresses "Vibram Academy - Sole Factor".

There, only the wisest of the city inhabitants, those souls who cannot stand to have their feet caged by generic taste and flawed comfort, can defeat the anonymity and the mythological ferocious dragon, who always caused anguish to many eternally disguised as rain and cold, selecting the tops and bottom of what will then leave their mark on the precious land and distances they will walk ...

And the echos of their still satisfied chanting will be heard at the corner of the cobbled streets and muddy alleys for long time after, fading out in the distance  "Long Live the Vibram ... Long Live the Vibram ..."

"Customise Your FootWear "  (Photos and Image Concept by F. Tamagnini ©)

What request might have puzzled Mr. Frank? (Ph. F. Tamagnini ©)

The talented Mr. Frank (Ph. F. Tamagnini ©)

"A talented Knight is always allied with another talented Knight"  (Ph. F. Tamagnini ©)

Vibram Academy - Sole Factor:
215 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1JN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20772518658

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